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Engaging Events and Workshops

Explore dynamic events to enhance your overseas study experience. Network, learn, and grow with us.

Discover Your Passion: Career Pathways

Jul 24, 2026

Uncover your passion and explore career paths with industry experts.

Mastering Public Speaking Skills

Aug 23, 2026

Become a compelling speaker. Overcome stage fright and deliver impactful presentations.

Unlocking Creativity: Artist’s Workshop

Oct 14, 2026

Unleash your creativity and elevate your art! Join our inspiring workshop.

Entrepreneurship 101: Starting Your Business

Dec 07, 2026

Join our Entrepreneurship Workshop to kickstart your business journey.

Inspiring Global Achievements

Discover firsthand accounts of transformative educational experiences at Duhoc TTglobal, where students share their remarkable journeys towards academic and personal growth.

Duhoc TTglobal transformed my academic journey. Exceptional programs and support!

Ashley Davis

Marketing Executive

Duhoc TTglobal equips students with skills for success. Highly recommend their programs!

Robert Wilson

Software Developer

Choosing Duhoc TTglobal was the best decision. Top-notch education and guidance!

Megan Anderson